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Scheme of Fixed Fee Representation in the Defence of Employment Tribunal Claims
(Subject to Contract)

The Agreement shall only cover the defence of employment based work in the Employment Tribunal and only apply to where the Tribunal is based in London or Watford. We may agree to accept the fixed fee to other Tribunals with additional charges such as travel and subsistence.

All fees are exclusive of VAT and any expert or Tribunal fees payable.

The process of defending a claim can be divided into four stages:

If the case involves a claim for discrimination or is complicated or
unclear the ET may list the case for a Pre-Hearing Review.

Some cases may also be referred for mediation (judicial mediation or via Acas)
if the parties agree.

In order to fully prepare for the case it may be necessary or advisable to have a conference with the client or the client may wish to have a conference at various stages of the case.  
We shall be entitled to require a conference if it is reasonably necessary.

The complexity and cost of the case is dependent upon the length of the hearing
and costs of services are set on that basis.


Cost of service / if conference required

Drafting Response to Employment Tribunal Claim plus Brief Written Advice on merits (with a conference)

£600 (£800 with a conference)

Preliminary Preparation work (disclosure bundle, witness statements, preparation of agreed hearing bundle)(plus a conference)

£1000 x number of days hearing
(plus £200 for a conference)

Final Preparation (reading and responding to opposing witness statements, preparing for representation at hearing and pre hearing conference)

£750 x number of days hearing
and £200 for conference

Representation at hearing

£750 x number of days hearing

Mediation hearing/appointment


Pre-Hearing Review

£700 (and £200 if conference)


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